Evrim Ersoy’s Top Duke Discoveries Of 2014

Evrim Ersoy is one of the best scent hounds of hidden cinematic morsels that I know. All of these (apart from The Raid 2 which I’ve obviously seen and love) are now high on my must watch in 2015 list.

The Duke Mitchell Film Club

What better way to start the New Year than with a list of Top Duke Discoveries – these are pulled from across the entire watching spectrum – there are no rules, no limits, no release date limitations – these are simply my favourite films I saw this year all across 2014.

Whiplash: I don’t think there are enough words in the English language for me to be able to do justice to the experience of watching ‘Whiplash’ – it’s a kind of exhilaration, a constructive perfection that I have not seen for years. Anyone with any love for film should make sure to watch this on the biggest, loudest screen that they can catch it on.

Blind: The nuances of ‘Blind’ are mesmerizing – switching between fantasy and reality and carefully intertwining the stories of a blind woman trapped within her own head and…

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