DukeFest – Miss at your own peril!

I heartily endorse this, if you are in or around London during Dukefest try and make it to one of their events. Great bunch of reprobates.

The Duke Mitchell Film Club


On Sunday 28th June at Prince Charles Cinema we’ll press start on Dukefest 2015 – a year-long labour of love!

And as we are on the precipice of the exciting moment, I wanted to stand up and invite those who are still not committed:

Dukefest is an intense labour of love: it is hours of works, millions of email, thousands of movies, hundreds of debates – every single inch of this festival is born out of us – no corporate sponsors, no assistants, no helpers, no volunteers. But there’s one element without which it would not work: you!

This is a chance for you to come join us in what we think is the best and weirdest and strangest and shocking and entertaining material out there – to find out what other film clubs around the world have sent for Found Footage Worldwide, to discover New York’s best unknown cable talent…

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