The Duke’s Top 5 films to see at FrightFest 2015

Thinking of making a trip to London FrightFest next weekend? Then take a read of this, Alex and Evrim have superb taste.

The Duke Mitchell Film Club

It’s nearly time for FrightFest 2015 and we’ll be back taking over one of the Discovery Screens for a  double bill of film chaos including hosting The Late Night Film Party. So to get your all ready for 5-days of back-to-back films here’s our Top 5 films to watch over the weekend, each of these is 100% Duke approved!

5) Curtain: If Henenlotter ever needed an heir; Jeron Henrie-Mcrea might just be what he’s looking for. Mixing lo-fi, lo-budget charm with an impressive determination to craft a world with its very own rules, ‘Curtain’ defines the best of low-budget making. See it now and be one of the first discover a major upcoming talent whilst also getting lost in the weird esotericness that is this film.


4) Final Girl: It’s time someone took the classic girl in peril formula, gave it a good beating and then put…

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