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What’s going on Alfred? “Um, how best to describe it sir?” – Batman v Superman and the exquisite madness of Zach

Beware, ahead lies spoilers and madness in a sort of defence of gazillian dollar mega-biffage epic Batman v Superman. I’ve probably lost my mind… Continue reading

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Lewd, crude and obscene Deadpool drags the X-Men Universe into the gutter… and that’s just fine

I’ve been feeling comic-book movie fatigue quite badly recently so the prospect of Deadpool didn’t fill my heart with joy. An initial trailer seemed to suggest a film revelling in the kind of sour frat-boy humour that has infected much US film comedy recently. However a very positive review from Mark Kermode persuaded me to give the film a chance. I’m very glad it did. Review after the jump, apologies it gets a bit nerdy when I try and prove I read some comics in the eighties… Continue reading

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Review – Owen Wilson, Lake Bell and Pierce Brosnan in the dubious thriller No Escape

Jack Dwyer (Owen Wilson) – an engineer for a US water company – is relocating with his wife Annie (Lake Bell) and their two kids to Southeast Asia. From the moment, they land, plans start to go awry. They are to be met at the airport but some snafu leaves them stranded. A Brit called Hammond (Pierce Brosnan) steps in and directs them past the waiting cab drivers he assures them are crooks to a private taxi driven by a local friend. This leads to a hair raising journey to their hotel that serves to show how uptight the two Americans are. Things don’t improve at the hotel, the TV doesn’t work and Jack can’t get the latest edition of the New York Times. Continue reading

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Hidden treasures – McBain

McBain is a prime slice of 80s action nonsense (it may have been released in 1991, but it couldn’t be more eighties unless it rolled up its sleeves and wore espadrilles). I’m not going to beat around the bush here. This isn’t a review. I’m just going to describe the film’s plot because it’s too hilarious. Continue reading