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School daze? The Falling review

Writer/director Carol Morley’s film The Falling was one of my favourites from last year’s London Film Festival. Newly released on DVD/Blu Ray, it’s time to fall for one of the year’s most beguiling movie treasures. Continue reading

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Review – A Hard Day

Just noticed that the Korean thriller A Hard Day is available on Amazon Prime Instant, I saw this at last year’s LFF instead of going to see Abel Ferrara’s Pasolini biopic which had a queue out the door (a perfect example of a ‘festival bubble’ film). A Hard Day sadly is not all that great, but I’m still sure I made the right decision. Continue reading

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Hidden treasures – Forbidden Zone

Let’s not pussy foot around, this early eighties cult musical is likely to drive most of you up the wall faster than a cat punted by a star quarterback. Made over three years by Richard Elfman primarily as a record of the cabaret performances of his musical cabaret troupe The Mystical Knights of the Oingo Boingo, Forbidden Zone evolved into a demented comedy musical. The film’s influences are many and varied including Alice in Wonderland, The Wizard of Oz, German expressionism, Betty Boop cartoons and underground 60s comix. Continue reading

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Review – Zombie Flesh Eaters

Probably the best known film of prolific Italian director Lucio Fulci, Zombie Flesh-Eaters was one of the films banned by the UK’s Director of Public Prosecutions in the moral panic over ‘video nasties’ that gripped the United Kingdom in the early eighties. Now of course these once legendary works are regularly being released in high definition glory, and (with a few significant exceptions) uncut. Continue reading

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Scraping the barrel – I, Frankenstein

As a generally unpaid film critic/blogger (I alternate between ‘critic’ and ‘blogger’ depending upon whether I got out off the hubristicly pretentious or the dismayingly unconfident side of my bed that morning) I do not feel the need to suffer the endless stream of obviously bad films (mostly starring Adam Sandler) that flump onto cinema screens each Friday. However if any one wishes to pay me enough I will sit through a box set of Pauly Shore’s greatest hits, I’m not proud, I need to pay my bar tab somehow. Continue reading

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New on DVD and Blu Ray – Only Lovers Left Alive

Out now on UK DVD and Blu Ray from the great Soda Pictures is Jim Jarmusch’s fantastic existential drone-rock vampire romance comedy Only Lovers Left Alive. Here is a link to my review of the film from last year’s London Film Festival for Verite.