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Cinema Rediscovered 2018: Trapped in THE MAFU CAGE. When is a cult film not a cult film?

Shown as part of this year’s Cinema Rediscovered Festival at the Bristol Watershed, The Mafu Cage had me stumbling out of the cinema wondering WTF did I just watch… so I had to tell you about it. Continue reading

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Event preview – Cinema Rediscovered, Bristol Watershed and other venues, Thur 26th – Sun 29th July

Entering its third year the Cinema Rediscovered film festival has established itself as one of the most exciting cinematic events in Bristol’s arts calendar.  The four day festival aims to present audiences with an opportunity to re-experience a range of cinema from contemporary classics to rarities in the big screen setting they were conceived for. Here follow some personal highlights chosen from this year’s programme. Continue reading

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Guest blog – XX marks the future

Hello my good fiends, to mark the passing of Samhain and the beginning of winter, I am bringing you only the second ‘guest’ post in this blogs brief history. A few words of introduction, apart from being a dear friend of mine (one who I shall be having for dinner soon) Mr David William Hall was my editor at the late and highly lamented Verite Magazine (all issues archived online here). Along with Toby Weidmann editor of Official Walking Dead Magazine, I credit David’s gossamer editorial touch, critical insight, and encouragement for making my writing at least passably readable.

Obviously the views and opinions that follow are the author’s own, but they appear with the complete endorsement of this blog, with the caveat that I liked the Annie Clark segment of XX, and still think Rosemary’s Baby is a classic horror film. Continue reading

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Hidden Treasures – Dragon (2011)

Two bandits are killed during an attempted robbery by Liu Jin-xi, a simple village paper maker (martial arts superstar Donnie Yen). The terrified village artisan succeeds in defeating mens’ violent assault by blind luck. However, an investigating detective Xu (Takeshi Kaneshiro) comes to believe there is more to the case.  Continue reading

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Hidden treasures – McBain

McBain is a prime slice of 80s action nonsense (it may have been released in 1991, but it couldn’t be more eighties unless it rolled up its sleeves and wore espadrilles). I’m not going to beat around the bush here. This isn’t a review. I’m just going to describe the film’s plot because it’s too hilarious. Continue reading

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Hidden Treasures – Warlock

1691, Boston, a Warlock (Sands) is imprisoned pending execution by burning “over a basket of living cats”. The Warlock has been captured by witch hunter Giles Redferne (Grant), however on the eve of the execution he is able to escape, disappearing into a magical vortex. Before the portal closes Redferne dives through, leaving the missionary fathers fair scratching their heads. Continue reading