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Guest blog – XX marks the future

Hello my good fiends, to mark the passing of Samhain and the beginning of winter, I am bringing you only the second ‘guest’ post in this blogs brief history. A few words of introduction, apart from being a dear friend of mine (one who I shall be having for dinner soon) Mr David William Hall was my editor at the late and highly lamented Verite Magazine (all issues archived online here). Along with Toby Weidmann editor of Official Walking Dead Magazine, I credit David’s gossamer editorial touch, critical insight, and encouragement for making my writing at least passably readable.

Obviously the views and opinions that follow are the author’s own, but they appear with the complete endorsement of this blog, with the caveat that I liked the Annie Clark segment of XX, and still think Rosemary’s Baby is a classic horror film. Continue reading

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“John Doe has the upper hand!” In the frame – Se7en

This article was first published in the January 2015 issue of Verite Film Magazine. Before you proceed this was for a running feature called ‘In the frame in which Verite writers wrote about their favorite scenes in movies. This was my one entry in the strand and looks at a scene from near the very end of director David Fincher’s 1995 masterpiece of neo-noir horror, Se7en. If you haven’t seen the movie and you read this, I will personally visit you in the night and force feed you Spam till you burst. Spoilers okay! You have been warned. Continue reading

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It’s new Verite Film Magazine day! Apr-June 2015 issue available now

The April edition of quarterly digital film magazine Verite is out today, featuring my interview with director Carol Morley as the cover story. It’s free, so you’d be a mug not to download check it out at Continue reading

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New issue of Verite – the digital film magazine – out now!!!

I contribute to Verite Film Magazine on and off. Amongst the riches of the latest issue (which I am looking forward to reading myself) I have a piece on David Fincher’s Se7en and big up Calvary among the magazine’s top 10 of 2014 list. But that is by the by.

This is a polite request, any followers who like offbeat and independent film (and if you follow this blog I assume you do) please do support Verite by reading it, and if you like it maybe telling a few people. It’s completely free too.

The editors Jordan McGrath and David Hall do terrific work putting this together, but it is a constant struggle for any non-mainstream film publication to get noticed when it seems that everyone else is solely interested in comic book movies and franchise pictures.

Every comment, tweet, facebook update helps, even if it is critical (maybe not Google+, like who cares?)

You can find the latest issue via the following link

The Verite website is at

Verite is on twitter as @veritefilmmag

You can also find Verite on facebook