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Scraping the barrel – Her

Honestly, I’m actually trying to be a more positive critic in 2015, but now that my former reviews from the Chris and Phil Presents site (RIP) have disappeared, it was inevitable I would have to republish my outraged review of Spike Jonze’s film Her, a movie which frankly irritated the piss out of me. Here it is, unchanged, unexpurgated, (possibly unhinged?). Bear in mind this was published about a year ago on the eve of the film’s UK release. Continue reading

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Don’t be a dick, Riddick!


The spur to starting this blog was the shuttering of the website Chris and Phil Presents, a site for which I had wrote a ton of stuff over the years. We don’t leave much of a mark on the world, so faced with mine evaporating like so much digital smoke I started this blog.

As is the nature of the fast moving world of show, some of the stuff I wrote has rather gone past its sell-by date, but with the recent [mild] controversy over a particular sexist joke in the movie Kingsman: The Secret Service (one I commented upon in my review along with everybody who saw it and quite a few who didn’t) reminded me of a blog I had written after seeing the sci-fi sequel Riddick. Continue reading

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THE UNEXPECTED VIRTUE OF ‘COHERENCE’ – why this micro budget film is a treat for science fiction movie fans

Just released on on DVD in the US, with a limited UK theatrical release on the 13th February then hitting DVD here a few days later on the 16th, director James Ward Byrkit’s ultra low budget film Coherence is a movie every science fiction fan should make a special effort to see (in fact, fans of intelligent drama in general). This is a film about which the less you know the better, so I have made every effort to ensure the following is as ‘spoiler free’ as possible (as tiresome as it is to mention that, this film is a special case)… Continue reading

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Best of 2014 – Godzilla

And in my last blog post of 2014 (this time 4 realz, I promises) I want to revisit another of my 2014 highlights that ended up being squeezed out of my year end top 10, Gareth Edwards’ magnificent mega-budget revival of Godzilla. By this time you have either seem the movie or will be well aware of the plot details that necessitated the follow public service announcement at the time of release. But it’s New Year’s Eve and I have chores, so I can’t be bothered re-writing the thing.

Thanks for reading this blog since I launched it only a few months ago, I hope you stay aboard the good ship Renn through 2015… Continue reading

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Hidden treasures – The Congress

Here is one of the most recent films to feature in my ‘Hidden Treasures’ selections. Ari Folman’s The Congress was actually only released in the UK in 2014 and is fresh to DVD and Blu Ray here. It is the sort of film that seems tailor made to become a cult movie, but in the current climate many films are being lost in the sheer volume of material available to view (legitimately) online. I saw The Congress at the London Film Festival in 2013 and it is fair to say it blew me away, especially on a big screen with a thunderous sound system. Continue reading

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A titanic defence of Pacific Rim

As Guillermo Del Toro fan’s anticipate the release of Crimson Peak with anticipation, the filmmaker is also priming the engine for the second of an intended trilogy of Pacific Rim films so this seems as good a time as ever to dust off a piece I wrote as the film opened back in the summer of 2013. Continue reading