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Hidden treasures – Bedevilled

Bedevilled aka “Kim Bok-nam salinsageonui jeonmal” (2010, South Korea)

Dir: Chul-soo Yang

Stars: Yeong-hie Seo, Seong-won Ji. Min-ho Hwang, Min Je, Ji-eun-i Lee

Okay, I have exhumed some truly Fulci-zombi-style rotten films in the archive reviews iv been posting, so its high time to shine a light on another cinematic marvel you may have missed. Times are increasingly lean for Asian films at the UK box office, it seems nearly impossible to open a subtitled foreign language film from South East Asia that is not firmly in the prestige art-house bracket. Smaller companies like Arrow, and specialist distributors like Terracotta try their best, but the audience that was built up so carefully by Hamish Macalpines Tartan Films through the nineties and early naughties seems to have evaporated. Continue reading