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Favorite films – Pride (2014)

Shown this Christmas on BBC2, 2014’s Pride was my favourite film of that year and hopefully will find a wider audience on its terrestrial television premiere.

This is an article I wrote about the film (with a few minor edits) for the late and much lamented movie magazine Verite. Continue reading

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Hear me rant on the Britflicks podcast!

My appearance on the venerable Britflicks podcast has just gone live, I was asked to pontificate on the past year in British film and give my top 5 British movies of the year, my honourable mentions, my least favourite, and finally pick an all-time favourite British film. It’s like a double helping of jam roly poly with custard!

Couple of apologies/points of order: I rant so hard you can hear me losing my voice, sorry for the cough; I hideously mis-use the word ‘centenary’; and I sort of accidentally call Grant Morrison an English artist.

Apart from that, I stand by it all!

You can listen to the podcast vie the following link

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Review – Mr Turner

My review of Mike Leigh’s simply magnificent new film Mr Turner – featuring a potentially career defining performance from the wondrous Tim Spall – has gone up on the Verite Film Magazine site

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Scraping the barrel – The Tapes

In a regular feature dear reader, I shall be posting some vintage reviews of the very worst DTV dreck it has been my misfortune to see over the past few years. I shall kick off with The Tapes, which sadly isn’t even the worst British found footage horror film I’ve seen. Continue reading

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Sympathy for The Devils

Now that it seems like every great film ever made is now on Blu-Ray or on-demand in sparkling high definition, it is easy to forget that there are still some classics yet to make a bow on DVD even. Ken Russell’s 1971 film THE DEVILS has long been one of the great omissions. This was finally rectified in 2012 with a lavish two disc DVD from the British Film Institute. The BFI’s release presents the film in the original BBFC X rated version, rather than the hideously truncated R rated American release. Continue reading