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Waiting to put on a black shirt – how Brady Corbet’s The Childhood of a Leader is a chilling totalitarian parable

Yesterday (the 18th of August 2016) was not a good day for the European film industry (yes,  until Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty is triggered I do still consider the British film industry part of a wider European industry). Dutch sales agent Fortissimo Films and UK based distributor Metrodome shuttered. Both companies had a strong history of supporting international independent filmmakers.

Metrodome straddled the divide between genre and art house fare, they had solid hits releasing films like Donnie Darko and Monster. More recently their acquisitions team had punched well above their weight, securing and releasing a string of significant art house films such as White God, Tangerine, The Falling, and What We Do In The Shadows (to name just my personal favourites.

The loss of both companies is a testament to the alarming shrinking of the independent film sphere, but Metrodome’s hits particularly hard as it removes a key distributor from a UK market now largely saturated with American studio product in which independent films across the spectrum from art house to exploitation increasingly struggle to be seen on a large format screen.

That Metrodome were to have released The Childhood of a Leader in the UK this week, and that it is on of the interesting films of the summer, is just pouring salt in the wound.

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To The Wonder – Midnight Special is an emotional science fiction thriller

I’ve never quite clicked with director Jeff Nichol’s highly regarded previous films, but his latest is a bold move into the mainstream. Review after the jump. Continue reading

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Review – Slow West

New westerns pass through the current cinematic landscape rarely, reminders of a beast that once covered the celluloid plains. 2015 is about to see a mini revival (including not one, but two westerns starring Kurt Russell) that while hardly restocking the herd will provide some quarry for hunting parties of oater fan.

The latest is Slow West the debut feature from former Beta Band musician John Maclean. Continue reading