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Review – The Woman in Black: Angel of Death

And so it is that I turn the fresh snow of a new year yellow with my first movie review of 2015. Sad to say but Hammer’s Woman in Black sequel is a stinker.

You can read my opinion on the Verite blog here.

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Favourite films – Quatermass and the Pit

It’s hard to imagine now, just how much impact the BBC’s original Quatermass television serials had in 1950s Britain. Made in the days before multiple channels and repeats, they were event television and gripped the nation. The success of the first two serials The Quatermass Experiment in 1953 and Quatermass II in 1955, led Hammer Studios to acquire the film rights producing two adaptations in 1955 and 1957. Both starred an American lead Brian Donlevy much to the displeasure of Quatermass’ creator Nigel Kneale. Although the films were extremely successful, Kneale was so displeased with them that he resisted Hammer’s attempts to film the third of the BBC serials 1958s Quatermass and the Pit and the eventual Hammer adaptation (written by Kneale) did not appear until 1967 with Scottish actor Andrew Keir playing the character. The delay benefitted the production, allowing for greater resources and the use of the rich colour palate for which Hammer became known during the 1960s – the previous two films were black and white. Continue reading