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Review – A Field in England

There is a fantastic trailer that arrived online this week for upcoming horror film The Witch, a period set tale of witchcraft in the new world that appears to mix Arthur Miller-esque period dialogue with Blair Witch style thrills. It’s drawn comparisons in some quarters to Michael Reeve’s classic Witchfinder General (1968) despite sharing little more than a period setting and the word ‘witch’ in the title. The trailer reminded me much more of Piers Haggard’s still disturbing seventies horror film Blood on Satan’s Claw (1971) (seeing Betty from Some Mothers Do Have Em participate in an orgy mentally scarred me when I saw it on ITV as a kid), and even more of Ben Wheatley’s 2013 psychedelic mood horror piece A Field in England.

So for no other reason than that, here is a look back at Wheatley’s excellent but devisive film.  Continue reading