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Hidden treasures – Rolling Thunder

While not quite obscure, John Flynn’s bitter and often uncomfortably violent revenge thriller Rolling Thunder is a film whose influence is probably greater than its fame.

The slasher movie-ish box art of the recent Blu-Ray release with a prominent cover quote from Eli Roth, you might expect Rolling Thunder to be a straight up sleazy slice of seventies exploitation come thing that Michael Winner might have made. In fact that was probably what the audiences who greeted the film with indifference upon its original release in 1977 also expected. This perception will have been furthered by its release from Samuel Z. Arkoff’s American International Pictures. a company specialising in drive-in fare. In actuality was acquired by the company in a distribution deal, the film was made as a studio picture but provoked such horrified reactions from executives at early screenings that it was quietly disposed off. Continue reading