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Lewd, crude and obscene Deadpool drags the X-Men Universe into the gutter… and that’s just fine

I’ve been feeling comic-book movie fatigue quite badly recently so the prospect of Deadpool didn’t fill my heart with joy. An initial trailer seemed to suggest a film revelling in the kind of sour frat-boy humour that has infected much US film comedy recently. However a very positive review from Mark Kermode persuaded me to give the film a chance. I’m very glad it did. Review after the jump, apologies it gets a bit nerdy when I try and prove I read some comics in the eighties… Continue reading

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I’m ‘all in’ with Mississippi Grind, a little gem of a film

I’m not usually a fan of gambling movies, mainly because I’m rubbish at maths and can never understand the odds. However, Mississippi Grind neatly bypasses the issue by focussing on two fascinating characters and largely ignoring the mechanics of gaming rules in favour of examining the psychology of the players.


The following review was originally published on the new defunct Grolsch site. Continue reading