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Before Sicario, there was Amat Escalante’s Heli – review

Recently I saw Denis Villeneuve’s Sicario, a thriller about a US law enforcement officer’s attempt to break a Mexican drug cartel. The film is terrific, one of this year’s best, and I will tell you more about it nearer its release in a month or so. Sicario is full of suspense, and has the resources and hardware one would expect of a big budget American film, watching it I was reminded of a number of movies, from Zero Dark Thirty to Heat to the Brazilian Elite Squad films. One film that I did not expect to be reminded of was Amat Escalante’s Heli, one of the most brutally depressing and un-Hollywood films I’ve seen in the last few years. So in advance of Sicario’s release, here is my review of Heli from a few year’s back. Continue reading