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Thinking differently about STEVE JOBS? Review.

It seems you can’t idly click-through Netflix (other services are available) without coming across a film about Steve Jobs.

Since his death in 2011, the Apple Inc. founder has undergone a cultural canonisation over and above his already messiah-like status among followers of the ‘Cult of Mac’. This ubiquitousness has led box office commentators (i.e. everybody with a net connection and IMDb bookmarked) to speculate that the relatively poor performance of Danny Boyle’s new film is the result of ‘Jobs-fatigue’.

While this theory seems to assume people have actually been watching the workmanlike hagiographic documentaries, it may be that following the docs, the dreadful Aston Kutcher biopic, the many books on Jobs (including the Walter Isaacson biography on which this film is based), anyone interested in seeing a film called Steve Jobs feels they already know everything, and anyone not interested in Steve Jobs is simply unlikely to want to see a film called Steve Jobs.

Personally, I try to leave box-office analysis to a few experts who actually know what they are writing about. While the subject seems to fascinate just about everybody, it is an obsession that is drowning out actual conversations about actual films and whether they are actually worth seeing or not. And here’s the rub. Steve Jobs is absolutely a film worth seeing.  Continue reading